In 1995 in The Netherlands a lot of clubs almost had to close because of new laws concerning sound levels. Even shopping trolleys or whatever things in normal life went up to the benchmark. A protest CD was the answer of the music scene in the city of Groningen. PEAR, in the meantime decimetad to a solo project, contributed with one track. orMusic did most of the producing and engineering stuff (for free). Studio Boterdiep offered free studio time and took care of the CD duplication.
Unfortunately the price of the CD (25 guilders) was way too high. But to be positive: publicity was achieved and a lot of interesting bands/projects contributed:

Kleg, Zombie Squad, PEAR, Cameron & Arling en Eddy de Clerq, Rexxx (Jurgen Veenstra), The Firebirds, Mendoza Dance Parti, Quest for fire, Skelter, Dandruff!!, Tympanic, The Amp, Thee J. Johanz and many more.

The PEAR song:
- Life and how to live it

More info about PEAR here ».
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