twitterBio PEAR dutchClick for a bigger size PEAR was founded in 1990 by singer songwriter Paul Stolp. Some songs were (demo) recorded and even in that stage (solo project) played on national radio. Quite heavy guitar songs with great vocal harmonies but when having the skin peeled off also suitable for acoustic sessions. Bassplayer Herman Bouman joined PEAR shortly after the project started. But a drummer and a second singer/guitarist were hard to find. Eventually in 1992 drummer Thom de Jager and Jacob Veenstra joined PEAR.

The band went playing live on short term and soon after that and in 1993 the debut CD Man Go! was released by Kelt Records in co-operation with orMusic. A few months later a Split 7" with the band Thud! with two songs was released.

PEAR played in a lot of clubs (Vera, Atak, Doornroosje, Nighttown, etc) and even did a tour in Russia (read the story for SPN (written by Thomas) here, in Dutch). After this tour PEAR contibuted with two songs on the Brest de Kelt CD. In 1994 the band split up and PEAR was a solo project again. Thom and Jacob joined The Serenes. In 1995 one PEAR song was released on the Beats and Bedrocks.
PEAR red Square In 2012 the second album 'Logical 1, Logical 0' is released. Listen to MP3 sample files of the new album L1L0 here. Or buy the physical CD, with extra stuff, in our store, or download at iTunes or CD Baby.

Do you want to what kind of music PEAR is into and what people think of it? Well, read the reviews below, and also interviews and maybe other interesting stuff.

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Read the review (rated 7.5 out of 10) about L1L0 in the Magazine Mania (issue 293-2012, p26) or read the PDF version. [DUTCH]

The song 'I have Dream' of L1L0 and 'Baroque Decency' are listed in several Indie Charts. Click for a bigger picture Baroque Decency (2013): Originally released by KELT records. Now a superb remix with an addional string quartet(!) released by orMusic. Baroque Decency was staff pick on the CD Baby website. Hit in the Free40 Indie Chart!
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Another release: Growing to the TOP (2013)
The Instrumental version called "Wild One", was used in the RatRod action game "Snowboard Party" and did well in the Free40 Indie Chart!
Listen to it on Spotify:
listen to a demo version on:
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Growing to the TOP
(2016): A brand new edgy punkrock song "Call me". Written for the RatRod action game "Snowboard Party 2/World tour": download/stream portals
Call me

Russia story for SPN:

Some reviews (most of them dutch, some in english. We will translate some later on)
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Tape Tape Reviews PEAR Tape Tape

Tape Tape Reviews PEAR2 Tape Tape

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